Investor's Business Daily editors make a strong case that illegals are disenfranchising American citizens:
  • Illegals vote—A 2014 George Mason University-Old Dominion University survey of data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study found that 14.8% of non-citizens were registered to vote in 2008 and 15.6% in 2010. Who suffered: "American citizens whose votes were canceled out as a result of these illegal ballots."
  • Illegals get federal welfare benefits—IRS is advising illegals that "they are free to claim massive tax refunds through the Earned Income Credit over the last three years even if they never filed to pay taxes." While American citizens who don't file tax returns get only trouble from IRS, illegals effectively get "$3,000 subsidies per year merely by claiming to have lived and worked here. A pretty good bonus just for breaking the law."
  • Illegals get special legal treatment—"…the Department of Homeland Security used its 'discretion' to release 3,700 'Threat Level 1' violent illegals onto U.S. streets instead of deporting them…"
  • Illegals get to travel on U.S. airlines without documents—Homeland Security transported countless undocumented illegals on U.S. airlines after last year's border surge, "while U.S. citizens are constantly subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures as potential terror suspects."
"With privileges like these," ask the IBD editors, "is it any wonder that the allure of immigrating illegally becomes vastly more attractive than immigrating legally?"
Read the full article: Illegal Alien Nation: The Disenfranchising of America, Investor's Business Daily