On Sunday, July 26, the Institute hosted its inaugural "Brunch with a Conservative Woman Leader" for conservative college women at Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.
The private brunch featured conservative leader Crystal Wright, editor of ConservativeBlackChick.com and principal owner of the Baker Wright Group.
During the brunch, Crystal encouraged each girl to own her voice and individuality. Crystal illustrated how Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, owned being a young woman during her campaign and used it to her advantage. Crystal also spoke on how and why she started her political blog, and what it's like to stand up to the left during media commentary.
Before the brunch, the attendees read a blog post by Crystal entitled, "It's Time for Women to Reject Feminism and Kiss Peter Pan Goodbye." Crystal elaborated on that post and what inspired her to write it. She described how women today need to hold men to a higher standard, and to realize that by infantilizing men, women are also hurting themselves.
Attendee Lauren described how she benefitted from the brunch by saying, "I loved the intimate setting and how candid Crystal was. I felt re-energized to go back to campus and maintain a presence as a vocal conservative woman."
Thank you to Crystal and to everyone who attended for making the brunch a success!
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