by Laurel Conrad

Ashlee is in the class of 2017 at the University of Arizona double majoring in Political Science and Law.

She is from Glendale, Arizona, and has two older sisters who are twins.

Ashlee is a conservative because she believes in “limited government, personal responsibility, and the free market.”

Ashlee’s favorite conservative woman is Margaret Thatcher because of how “inspiring all of her accomplishments were as a woman, including becoming the only woman Prime Minister to date.”

If Ashlee could have grown up in a different decade, she would have chosen the 50’s. She loves that era of music and culture.

Ashlee’s favorite vacation spot is Maui, Hawaii.

Her favorite president is Abraham Lincoln.

Ashlee’s hidden talent is racing quads.

At CBLPI’s recent Capitol Hill Intern Seminar, Ashlee introduced public speaking expert, Beverly Hallberg.

And finally, Ashlee says she found out about the CBLPI internship at CPAC—the Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C.—and thought it sounded like an excellent opportunity!

Welcome to CBLPI Ashlee! We know that you will do great things as president of your campus conservative club back at school.