“Why on earth is the burden on women to avoid attacks by predatory foreign men?” asks British journalist Leo McKinstry.

His question is in response to a public statement by Cologne’s mayor warning women to “keep an arm’s length” from male strangers following a shocking organized assault on at least 90 women in Cologne, Germany, during outdoor New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Witnesses reported about “1000 drunk and aggressive men” of “Arab or North African” appearance “arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women,” according to the BBC. The extent of the shocking assault went unreported by media at first. Five days later, “Germany’s public broadcaster ZDF issued an apology for not reporting the story soon after it happened.”

German chancellor Angela Merkel has come under fire for her open borders policy welcoming Middle Eastern migrants into Germany, more than a million refugees in 2015 alone.

In a statement, Merkel expressed “indignation about these repulsive offensives and sexual attacks that demand a firm response of the state of law […] Everything must be done to find those responsible as quickly and thoroughly as possible, and to punish them regardless of their origin or background.”

What Europe is experiencing is the clash of two irreconcilable cultures: one, a modern Western culture that demands equal treatment of women and men; the other, a medieval Middle Eastern culture that treats women as disposable property. (For more insight on what life is like for women in Middle Eastern culture, read Egyptian-born Nonie Darwish’s brief essay, Women: A World Apart.)

That so many on the Left fail to see the reality of this cultural clash is stunning in itself. Yet the Left persists in denial, deflection, and/or defense of this medieval culture with its ingrained abusive behavior, even as it continues creeping into the Western world. Adds McKinstry:

The Mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker, who is a leading member of the pro-immigration brigade, said that it was “completely improper” to draw any connection between the city centre assaults and the recent migrant influx.

Her stance is delusional, putting political dogma before the truth.

The fact is that most of these so-called refugees in Germany, who are nearly all young Muslim men, hail from African, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures in which women are subjected to barbaric discrimination, treated as second-class citizens and often regarded as little more than possessions or sex slaves.

Scenes like those in Cologne regularly occur throughout the Islamic countries. Indeed there is a chilling parallel between the accounts of the New Year’s Eve assault in the city and the terrible experiences of female journalists in Cairo during the misnamed “Arab spring”.

There too virtue-signalling sentimentality initially blinded reporters to the misogynistic nature of Islam although the misconceptions were soon punctured.

One journalist, Natasha Smith, described how, during the pro-democracy demonstrations at Tahrir Square in 2013, she was attacked by “a group of animals”, who stripped her, then repeatedly assaulted her. “I was tossed around like fresh meat among starving lions,” Ms Smith recalled.

Uncontrolled immigration has plagued France with terrorism and turned progressive Sweden into one of the rape capitals of the world.

The Western world must choose which of the two cultures it is willing to live under, because the two cannot live together. For Western women, that choice should be easy and unequivocal.


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