by Alissa Lopez

Dozens of people's lives were put at risk this past week when a pipe bomb went off in New Jersey and in Manhattan. Even though Governor Andrew Cuomo did not hesitate in saying that he "wouldn't be surprised if we found a foreign connection to the act," Obama thought it would be more than appropriate to lecture that the media should "try and refrain from getting out ahead of the investigation." He implied that the press made available false reports and overall incomplete information on the incidents that occurred. An internal Homeland Security audit released on Monday revealed that the U.S. government accidentally granted citizenship to over 800 migrants that were set for deportation. The liberal media is silent. Criminals have been released onto city and town streets.


Captured NY terrorist Ahmad Rahami loaded into ambulance (NYDailyNews)

The Leader of the Free World will jump to the defense of criminals, terrorists, individuals who are dangers to our society, and people who speak out against his twisted agenda are defamed and labeled xenophobes.

Some people stay silent on their objections out of fear of harming their reputations. The liberal media remains compliant because of their dedication to the leftist agenda. This in turn allows for a large portion of society to remain ignorant and uncritical of the myriad of lingering threats coming from the Middle East and within our own country. People get hurt and some people die. There is a lot of damage and heartache that could have been avoided, and could still be avoided, if our entire nation, liberals as much as conservatives, began accepting the facts of the current situation.

CNN reports Minnesota terrorist identified as Dahir Adan

Minnesota mall terrorist Dahir Adan (CNN)

On Saturday, September 17, a Somali man dressed up as a private security guard went on a stabbing spree in a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The police chief claimed that the man, Dahir Adan, made at least one reference to Allah. He also reportedly asked one of his victims if he or she was Muslim before attacking. This attack is being investigated by the FBI as a "potential act of terrorism." And where is the liberal media coverage of his terrorist ties?

San Bernadino terrorists

San Bernadino terrorists Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik

To go further back, let's not forget about the neighbor of the San Bernardino shooter. This person noticed suspicious activity occurring in Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik's home in California and chose not to come out of fear of being accused of racism. If this neighbor did not care about offending people, 14 people could still be alive and 21 would never have been wheeled into an emergency room on that day.

Orlando terrorist

Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen

Some people were adamant about not referring to the Orlando shooting for what it was: an act of terrorism inspired by ISIS, a radical Islamic organization. It was not ISIS, they claimed, that had influenced Omar Mateen to go to a gay club to shoot and kill 49 LGBTQ individuals. The blame was put on American society for influencing his beliefs and behaviors all because he was born and raised in this country and not the Middle East.

President Ronald Reagan once said, "we must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions."

There were not 321.42 million people screaming in the attacker's ear to keep shooting or over 300 million people carrying his guns for him. He killed gay people, just as ISIS does almost every day, because he thought he was doing the right thing.

From 9/11 memorials being destroyed on college campuses to people stigmatized for opposing our country's efforts to take in Syrian refugees due to the unreliable vetting process, anything that displays or discusses individuals in the Muslim community in a bad light, regardless of the reality of what people are saying, is deemed offensive and must be silenced and/or censored. This from the social justice warriors out here, and this precedence has left us in an uncanny and risky position. This bully mentality from the regressive left and their radical efforts to censor 'offensive' speech has hypothetically beat some, if not all, people into submission in and outside of Washington, DC.

I think its due time that we accept that not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. Moving forward, it is not a matter of people deliberately hurting others' feelings, but a matter of maintaining a strong national security that, if done right, will give people years and years to be triggered and offended all they want.

Alissa Lopez is a CBLPI Fall fellow.