Just Say Merry Christmas video

by Lil Tuttle

Prager University and its short, informative animated videos are making the left unhappy. So unhappy that YouTube has “put over 10 percent of PragerU’s videos into censored ‘restricted’ mode,” writes Ginni Thomas at the Daily Caller.  Now PragerU supporters are fighting back with an online petition to YouTube.

“Restricted mode” is where YouTube places videos when it believes the videos contain “dangerous content.”

Just how “dangerous” is the content of PragerU’s videos?  You decide.  Here are a few titles of the videos YouTube has dumped into “restricted mode:”

  • Why Don’t Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?
  • What Should We Do About Guns?
  • Islamic Terrorism: What Muslim Americans Can Do
  • The Most Important Question About Abortion
  • What ISIS Wants

Conservative radio show host Dennis Prager began the PragerU video project as an educational tool to defend “the forgotten knowledge and values of America.” Under the creative leadership of executive director Allen Estrin, a former Hollywood screenwriter, PragerU has produced more than 150 short videos on a wide range of topics, and viewing “traffic has gone from 1.6 million views four years ago to over 200 million in 2016.”

Perhaps audience growth is what the left feels is “dangerous.”

If you’ve never watched a PragerU video, why not start with Just Say ‘Merry Christmas’ (below) to celebrate the Christmas season.  Then follow up by signing their petition.

The left’s “unhappiness” is no excuse for YouTube’s censorship of conservative ideas!