Alpha vs. Beta Male Differences

by Lil Tuttle

Domineering, in-your-face feminists adore beta males, those "sensitive, nurturing, conflict-averse communicators" whom praises. That makes sense, since beta males empower feminists to be their obnoxious selves. Non-feminists, though, find something lacking in beta males, particularly when it comes to dating and mating.

Responding to a Social Justice Warrior's challenge to white Trump-voting friends, Leslie Eastman explains why she and 53% of white women chose Trump over Clinton in November:

  • I am the wife of a white husband (who is a kind, hard-working, devoted family man).
  • I am the mother of a white son (who is the perfect mix of smart and sweet).
  • I am the sister of a white brother (who has served this country honorably as a US Marine).
  • I am the aunt of a white nephew (who has also served this country in the US Army).
  • I am the daughter of a white father (who won a Pulitzer prize covering the race riots in Detroit, in an effort to support civil rights).
  • I am the best friend of a white co-blogger (who has served in various hot spots across the globe as a Green Beret).
  • I am the employee of a white, male employer (who is an awesome boss and a substantial taxpayer).

I see how hard all of these men work, how much they give to family and friends, and how much they give to this country. These are my primary relationships. When I vote, the quality of their lives are going to be a significant part of my decision matrix. …

I am so damned tired of the continuous white-man-bashing of social justice warriors. It seems I am not the only one… As an extra bonus for my vote, I sense there is now an appreciation for the "alpha-male" that has been noticeably lacking for at least eight years.

The thing Eastman says she likes best about electing Trump: "The era of the Beta Male is over."