Tucker Carlson Show

by Lil Tuttle

Kara Dansky, self-described radical feminist and director of the Women’s Liberation Front, spoke with Tucker Carlson about the Obama administration’s 2016 “gender identity” regulations that forced public schools, colleges, and buildings to permit biological males who identify as women to use women’s restrooms, locker rooms, dorms, and other women-only spaces.

Her group has joined forces with a Christian group to challenge the concept of “gender identity” generally. In the short interview (video below), Kara told Tucker Carlson that allowing sex to be redefined to mean gender identity renders the category, women and girls, meaningless.




Join us on Thursday, Feb 16, for further discussion of this issue

Ms. Dansky’s group isn’t the only one. On February 16, the February Conservative Women’s Network will present a panel discussion by other liberal and conservative women who have formed common cause on this issue.

Calling themselves the Hands Across the Aisle Coalition, Miriam Ben Shalom, Kaeley Triller Haver, Kami Mueller, Mary Lou Singleton, and Emily Zinos will present “Biology Isn’t Bigotry: Why Sex Matters in the Age of Gender Identity.” It promises to be interesting and informative.