by Juliana Dauchess

The nation known for its “stiff upper lip” has definitely proven its mettle during the past weeks. In a matter of days, the UK has faced its fourth terrorist attack, election results that have weakened the Conservative Party, and the opening of Brexit negotiations which have brought a new wave of emotions to the British people. In the midst of all of this turmoil, the UK is in need – more than ever – of its fearless Prime Minister. Theresa May has taken these difficulties in stride and is sure to champion a hard Brexit deal for her nation, a radical change that will benefit the UK in numerous ways.

In the months leading up to the beginning of Brexit negotiations, May called for a snap election in the hopes that she could increase the majority of the Conservative Party and so facilitate Britain’s exit from the E.U. This was a gamble that did not pay off in the end, but it was an admirable try nonetheless. May displayed her determination when she struck a deal with the Irish Democratic Unionist Party in order to bolster her slim majority and continue on with her plans for Brexit.

Although this issue continues to be divisive around the globe, it is clear from recent events that Britain’s self-removal from the E.U. is the right choice for the nation. Beyond the numerous dangers that stem from the E.U.’s open borders policy, there are several financial and economic factors that come into play. Over the years, the UK has invested millions in the European economy without receiving substantial payback.

Britain also has had to comply with many overbearing regulations on businesses that the E.U. imposes on all of its member states. Compared with the other European nations, the UK is much more conservative-leaning and these rules provide a large source of contention. Britain has also experienced a lack of freedom to promote the policies that they want to, such as a free market and democracy, because they are restricted by the need for approval by the other E.U. members.

These constraints on the UK have led to a loss of confidence in the system by many British people, creating a situation that can be compared to that in the United States before the 2016 presidential elections. The UK is waiting for May to grab hold of the reins now and fight for what Britain really needs – a formal withdrawal from the E.U. Her steadfast leadership and unwavering conviction are necessary to re-instill British faith in their nation and to lead to a brighter future.

During the past few weeks, May has been the target of harsh criticism from both sides of the political spectrum for her actions leading up to the Brexit negotiations. However, the measure of a man (or woman!) is how they respond to the challenges facing them. Britain needs May’s example of strong leadership as they will face even more challenges ahead during what will most likely be polemic discussions with the E.U. Although the road that lies ahead is difficult, May’s strength is commendable as she continues to face the obstacles in her path and works to secure a better tomorrow for Britain.

Juliana Dauchess is a 2017 CBLPI Summer Fellow. She is a rising sophomore at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain.