by Elizabeth Campbell

  1. Hang up our Celebrating Conservative Women Through the Past 25 Years calendar — Visit to request your copy today!
  2. Come to our Florida Summit — Mark your calendars for April 6-7! We’re coming to Orlando for our spring summit! Speakers confirmed so far are Rachel Campos Duffy and Carol Swain. Keep an eye out on the website for more information.
  3. Bring a friend to our Florida Summit — Hearing from conservative leaders is a win any day, but doing it with your friends is even more fun! Invite a friend to come with you (hint: you could be more likely to land a travel scholarship if you do so!)
  4. Join us monthly at The Heritage Foundation for Conservative Women Network luncheons — Every month we feature a conservative woman at our CWN luncheons with The Heritage Foundation. Come join us for a lively discussion and then a networking luncheon to follow. Sign up to receive notification.
  5. Host a campus lecture — Our campus lecture program continues to grow! With so many students requesting a speaker, you will want to get your campus lecture inquiry in ASAP so you can highlight a conservative woman on your campus!
  6. Write an article for our website on campus bias — We love featuring students on our website blog to talk about issues they face on campus. Who better to write about campus bias than the students who experience it? Email us today if you are interested in writing an article for us!
  7. Apply for a summer or fall fellowship — We have very competitive fellowship programs that bring you to the Nation’s Capital to gain skills you wouldn’t gain anywhere else. From public speaking training to event organization, you will learn so much about conservative activism and the nonprofit world. Apply today!
  8. Hang out with us at CPAC — Coming to CPAC? Make sure to stop by the CBLPI table to say hi and learn more about our various programs.
  9. Attend our Summer summit in Washington DC — Every year as the hundreds to thousands of interns flock to DC for their summer internships, we host an intern summit to provide training for them on workplace behavior, how to get the most out of their internships, and public speaking and media training. Check in on our website for more details closer to June!
  10. Attend our Woman of the Year dinner — While we have not made plans for this yet, every year we highlight a conservative woman leader who has shown exceptional dedication to the conservative movement. This woman is typically someone we would highlight as a role model for our young women. Last year, we highlighted Kellyanne Conway for being the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign, who will it be this year?
  11. Start a Luce Society on campus — One of the Institute’s newest projects is our Luce Society chapters. After so many women had come to us about their difficulty with finding a group on campus that focused on activism and promoting conservative values/conservative women, we decided it was time to help make that a possibility for them! Our first chapter started last semester at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and they brought in Bay Buchanan to speak! If you are interested in starting your own Luce Society, email [email protected]!
  12. Read Clare Boothe Luce’s biography by Stephen Shadegg — Didn’t learn about Clare Boothe Luce while you were in school? No worries! Stephen Shadegg wrote an incredible biography about Mrs. Luce. Order a copy, or search for one at your library, and take some time to read about our namesake and the incredible things she accomplished.
  13. Stand up for conservative women during women’s history month using our “Women are Winning” booklet — The left does not want women to know that we are actually doing pretty well for ourselves! In our women are winning pamphlet, we outline some of the ways that women are getting ahead in education and career, and dispel the gender pay gap myth. Email [email protected] for your copy!
  14. Expose how Sharia Law harms women and prevents them from excelling with our Sharia Law booklet — While our Sharia Law booklet is listed on our website, this is a source that would be wonderful to hand out to your peers on campus. It comprehensively goes through the sexism in Sharia Law so people understand why radical Islam and Sharia law should never be supported. Find it online here or email [email protected] for your copy.
  15. Read a book by one of our speakers — Katie Pavlich’s Assault and Flattery; Michelle Malkin’s Who Built That; Nonie Darwish’s Wholly Different; Ashley McGuire’s Sex Scandal; Peggy Grande’s The President Will See You Now; S.E. Cupp’s Losing Our Religion; Bay Buchanan’s The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton; Kate Obenshain Keeler’s Divider in Chief; Amber Smith’s Danger Close; Christina Hoff’s Sommers’  The War on Boys and Who Stole Feminism
  16. Join our online forum — Ever been to one of our events and wanted to keep the momentum and discussion going afterwards? Now you can! We just launched our online forum with topics on how to host a successful campus lecture, what campus bias you are experiencing, different tips on professionalism, and more! Sign up today and give your ideas on various topics.
  17. Follow us on Social Media — Twitter: @cblpi; Instagram: @cblpi; Facebook: Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute
  18. Hand out materials from us on your campus
  19. Follow updates on our new Center for Conservative Women which will opening by the end of 2018
  20. Follow us on Soundcloud and iTunes to listen to lectures from some of our events — This is a great way to gain talking points on different issues and current events!
  21. Tag us on social media with pictures from some of our events, sharing some of your favorite takeaways — We love seeing you all in person, but it’s even better to see a tagged post looking back on the memory!
  22. Participate in #GivingTuesday — In the season of gift buying, don’t forget to give back!
  23. Choose us as your Amazon Smile charity organization — This is a great way to give back! Without paying anything extra, a small percentage of your Amazon purchase is donated by Amazon to the Institute! An excuse to fuel your online shopping addiction ;).
  24. Give a $25 gift in honor of 25 years
  25. Refer 25 women to sign up for our student newsletters — We would love to expand and reach even more conservative women through our programs! Refer 25 women to sign up to receive newsletter updates from us and help us achieve that goal of preparing and promoting even more conservative women leaders.