Abigail Thomas is rising sophomore at Christendom College. She just finalized her transfer to Christendom after spending her freshman year at Holy Cross.

She comes from an enormous Irish Catholic family – 4 brothers, 4 sisters, a brother-in-law, a sister-in-law, her incredible parents, and a little niece or nephew due this Christmas. Whenever they are together, you can expect a lot of food, laughter, and volume

In high school, Abigail was very involved in theater, performing in 11 different shows over her 4 years.

Her favorite memories include being a bridesmaid in her sister’s wedding last summer as well as being the bride’s hairdresser!

Abigail’s favorite hobby when she is not working or on school vacations is to go see Broadway musicals with her sisters. Her favorite musical is Les Miserables which contains her favorite quote:

Remember the truth that once was spoken: to love another person is to see the face of God.”

At Holy Cross, she joined the ballroom dance team – her favorite dances are swing, waltz, and cha cha. She was also heavily involved with the Students for Life on campus, attending her first March for Life last January.

She realized she was conservative when her mom first explained to her what abortion was.

With such a huge family and so many little siblings, being an advocate for life seemed like the easiest decision. As time passed, her conservative values expanded into faith and family, and advocating for both of those topics on her college campus.

Her favorite conservative woman is Rachel Campos-Duffy because of her passion for faith and raising a family!

A fun fact about Abigail is that her family owned a 15-passenger van to drive around all of her siblings – this massive car is how she learned to drive and quickly became an expert at parallel parking!

It also became a family tradition to get bumper stickers of all the colleges her siblings chose to attend and put them on the back window of the van.