by Lil Tuttle

We love it when conservative women demonstrate leadership in action.

South Carolina State Representative Nancy Mace

Newly-elected South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace (R-District 99) didn’t like what she saw at the State of the Union Address, according to a news report by the Charleston (SC) Post & Courier.

[A]s the Republican state lawmaker watched the wave of women wearing white during the State of the Union Address last week, she could only think one thing: This is setting women back.

She did not wait to share that message. She grabbed her iPhone, picked a photo featuring U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez surrounded by other Democratic women in Congress wearing white, and she typed out a 241-word post. She shared it on Instagram and Facebook the next morning.

“As women we make a fundamental mistake when we make our identity as women the WHOLE story. The point of breaking glass ceilings is so that, after they’re broken, it doesn’t matter anymore,” she typed on the screen.

The words kept flowing until she drafted four short sentences that encapsulated her frustration.

The post went viral.  As of Sunday night, “her post had been viewed 1.9 million times from her public Facebook page.”

Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney

This week, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney made news by asking a few very pertinent, pointed questions of witnesses testifying at a U.S. House hearing on climate change as it relates to the Green New Deal generally and public air travel specifically.

She begins with a simple question (@ 1:05) – How did you travel here?  Her wrap-up (@ 4:30) makes her point spectacularly.

Kudos, ladies!  You encourage us all.