by Lil Tuttle

With great excitement, newly elected socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last month unveiled her Green New Deal to the world.  Her passion for this ten-year plan was obvious, sincere, and contagious.  Then the world read it.

David Harsanyi at posted “The 10 Most Insane Requirements of the Green New Deal,” among them:

  • Ban affordable energy
  • Eliminate nuclear energy
  • Eliminate 99 percent of cars
  • Gut and rebuild every building in America
  • Eliminate air travel
  • A government guaranteed job
  • Ban meat

Campus Reform took their video-cam to the University of Miami to see what students thought of the GND. Most students liked it, CR reported, until they learned what was in it:

Cartoonists had a field day.

Watching the news unfold brought to mind a sad, yet funny, holiday experience that any babysitter will recognize.

An exhausted toddler was totally immersed in her sticker book, but the stickers weren’t sticking and staying where she put them. Tears started falling, followed very quickly by a total meltdown.  No amount of explanation or reasoning calmed the wailing child, so her mother put her in her room for a time out.  The last sound heard throughout the house before the toddler fell asleep was an almost primal sobbing scream, “MAKE MY STICKERS S.T.I.C.C.C.K.K.K.Y!”

Just as sticking stickers were all-consuming to the toddler, so is the Green New Deal all-consuming to Ocasio-Cortez. She passionately wants it.  She wants the world to make her stickers stick.

Yet passion alone, absent serious thought and reason, is childish and futile. It certainly isn’t the level of leadership expected of a woman in Congress.

Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce, an extraordinary 20th Century leader who was also a two-term congresswoman, once said,

Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, ‘She doesn’t have what it takes’.  They will say, ‘Women don’t have what it takes.’

In her first leadership effort, Ocasio-Cortez not only failed herself. Sadly, she failed women.