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Renewable Energy Fails

What in the world do New Green Deal proponents have against people living in cold northern climates?

Sandy and Her Green New Deal

Passion, absent serious thought and reason, is childish and futile. It isn’t leadership.

Clean Power Plan Repeal

EPA is also ending a conflict of interest practice that allowed agency science advisors to get millions in EPA grant money.

Trump’s Underreported Successes

Be encouraged, despite media’s non-stop negativity!

‘Misleading’ Climate Data Undermines Science

Environmental activists’ messaging has changed over time; their manipulation of “evidence-based science” data has not.

Climate Change Data Deception

Former NOAA scientist exposes the climate change data deception behind the Paris Agreement.

Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Earth Day 2016

It’s a sad day for its true believers …

Tanker at sunrise-PhotoJourney

US Begins Domestic Oil Exports

A global game-changer and good economic news for US …

Power plant in LaGrange

Supreme Court Halts EPA Power Grab

The Court's unexpected action could save you a lot of money …

Punishing an American Energy Producer

Yet another news story showing why 64% of Americans believes progressives are pushing the country on the wrong track …

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Do Far More Good than Harm

Why global warming alarmists’ predictions fail the reality test …

Recycling: Too Much Cost, Not Enough Benefit

Taught from kindergarten to recycle, most well-informed and educated people have no idea of the relative costs and benefits …

Legislation Introduced to Permit Domestic Oil Exports

Bipartisan Senate group is working to remove a 1970s ban on oil exports, arguing it would yield substantial economic and national security benefits to the U.S. …

‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ Was Effective Strategy

Gasoline prices were cut in half, thanks to drilling on private land alone…

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