Photo Credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

by Lil Tuttle

“Be encouraged,” writes David Prentice. While media push a daily story of “constitutional crisis that will end the world, and it’s all Trump’s fault,” he argues, “there are many underreported Trump successes.

Restoration of Law and Order

  • The “demonization of law enforcement by the previous administration is gone,” and “violent demonstrators are no longer being coddled (except in Berkeley); instead they are prosecuted.”
  • “Border laws are being enforced,” and “illegal crossings are down 70%.”


Voter Processes Under Serious Review

The new administration’s executive order establishing an investigative commission will finally enable states “to clean up voter rolls” and “press for common-sense demand that voters have proper ID, are U.S. citizens, and vote only once” – voting integrity reforms the prior administration routinely blocked.

Economic Revitalization

  • Bad regulations from prior administration are being reversed.
  • Energy resources are being unleashed.
  • Businesses are hiring and investing in business expansion.
  • Failing Obamacare laws and regulations are being exposed, examined, and reworked – something Americans have been demanding for years.


Foreign Relations

The administration is forging alliances in the Middle East and Asia to tackle the “noxious mess left by the Obama/Clinton years. … That China is helping us with the Korean mess, perhaps for the first time, is a testament to Trump’s [negotiating] skills.”

Consider the visuals. President Trump was greeted on the tarmac with a handshake by the Saudi King, while President Obama bowed to him.

Photo: BPR Screenshot


“Best Budget Since Reagan”

To Prentice’s list, economist Stephen Moore adds the Trump administration’s first budget, calling it “the best budget since Reagan” for economic growth.  It includes an overhaul of the “corrupting welfare state – a $1 trillion a year system that pays people not to work;” and tax cuts, particularly for businesses.

The budget also ends refundable tax credit payments to illegal immigrants, which have cost an estimated $35 billion over the last ten years.

You have to look “through the smog, haze, and ugliness” presented by the media, adds Prentice, but “America is reviving.”

The country is changing direction. In the face of almost total media opposition, the intransigence and destructive behavior of an entire political party, good things have been done, and better things are on the horizon.