By Kara Bell

The resurgence of inclusivity speech from the Left surfaced after Martina Navratilova, an 18-time Grand Slam winner, submitted her op-ed to The Sunday Times nearly three weeks ago elaborating upon her tweet stating a transgender competing in women’s sports is, “insane, and it’s cheating.” An outward feminist lesbian and supporter of LGBT causes, Navratilova was immediately rejected by those of her own and publicly harassed for holding her ground. Outraged feminists, LGBTQ+ athletic groups and others alike have now picked up their pitchforks and declared another surge of war against biology.

This social media blaze quickly surged into fierce flames when two transgender star athletes in Connecticut placed 1st and 2nd in a women’s high school track competition. The two participants’ astonishing achievements have undoubtedly set them apart – setting records their female-born competitors have not even come close to. Experiencing déjà vu of the same situation with the same students from the past year, parents took the story to the front-lines hoping the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference would reconsider its 2018 decision establishing that “all athletes are granted the ability to compete in any gender specific sport in which they identify.” Since then, story after story has been pouring out to defend or detract from transgender participation in athletics.

Unfortunately, distracted by their incessant need for fairness, the Left has become blind to the battle women fought in the early 70’s establishing Title IX. As part of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title IX established that “no person, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” Notice how it says sex – not identifying gender. As an outcome, increased athletic opportunities for females exploded across the country. Women’s sports became an inclusive, positive outlet to celebrate the athletic accomplishments of the female body.

But the Left’s bitterness towards anything remotely gender-specific has catapulted a perpetual war to increase their version of inclusion and equality. To include biological men, born and built with testosterone, with their height, their strength and their aerobic capacity, the Left’s version of equality stretches far beyond inclusion and directly contradicts with the original purpose of women’s sports. It’s repressive, humiliating and exclusionary to female competitors.

And while it sometimes seems the Left is gaining ground, the facts remain the same: men and women are biologically and inherently different. A truth this simple shouldn’t be an argument, but conservatives – and in the case of Navratilova – are harassed, intimidated and threatened for safeguarding a fundamental truth.