Ying Ma’s classic “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” story challenges the Left’s demands for government handouts to immigrants, particularly to illegals

Witnessing the suppressive burdens of Communist China, Ying Ma dreamed of America’s promise of freedom. At age ten, she immigrated to the United States with her family to settle in Oakland, California. There, she was shocked to discover a broken welfare-reliant community with crumbling schools, unsafe streets, and racist people. Nevertheless, she kept faith in the American Dream.

Forgoing the temptations of welfare, Ma’s parents worked tirelessly to provide for themselves and assimilate into to their new country. Ma managed to defy the seemingly inevitable future of most children who are raised in similar neighborhoods. She graduated from Cornell, and later Stanford Law School, and took advantage of the abundance of opportunities America had to offer.

Students from Georgetown University College Republicans hosted Ying Ma to share her American Dream, the trampled freedoms of those surviving China and other socialist states, and the current fight for freedom in Hong Kong. Ma’s story and expertise opened the eyes of students and administration who praise socialism on campus.

Click here to watch Ying Ma’s speech at Georgetown University.