CBLPI's November conservative woman Ying Ma

“America does not want the same economic equality imposed by the Communist China of my childhood. In fact, even Communist China does not want that kind of equality.” —Ying Ma

Ying Ma is the author of Chinese Girl in the Ghetto and a policy advisor at the Heartland Institute.

A multi-platform author, Ying brings her experiences of growing up as a Chinese immigrant in Oakland, California, to her work.  She writes primarily about China, international affairs, and the free market.  Her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal Asia, the International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the Weekly Standard, and National Review Online.

She served on the staff of an American religious leaders delegation that was invited by former Chinese President Jiang Zemin to visit China and discuss religious freedom.

Ying received as B.A. in Government, magna cum laude, from Cornell University and a J.D. from Stanford Law School.  As an undergraduate student, Ying worked with CBLPI to bring Phyllis Schlafly to speak at Cornell.  Now CBLPI features Ying on college campuses and at events such as the Conservative Women’s Network.

Ying Ma speaks at CWN

Ying Ma speaks at the Conservative Women’s Network