By Michelle Easton

There was a time when parents were honored and respected in our culture. Most families had mother-father units. Public schools operated in loco parentis, representing the will of parents.

In 2021, that is no longer the case. An estimated 33 percent of American households have no biological father present. “Professional” educators throw roadblocks at parents’ choosing their children’s schools and often view it as their role—as one educator claimed—“to ensure children don’t pass on their parents’ prejudices.”

Men and fathers in particular have been under assault for decades.

Hollywood scoffs at a program like yesteryear’s Father Knows Best (even when the title was intentionally ironic). Pop culture portrays fathers as the lowest form of life with characters like Frank (on the Showtime series Shameless), Homer Simpson, Archie Bunker, and even Darth Vader. Even America’s Founding Fathers are vilified in classrooms today.

It shouldn’t and needn’t be so …