by Michelle Easton

How can you be sure your daughter remains a conservative woman of faith once she leaves your home? Given toxic social media, radical indoctrination in schools, and a popular culture that promotes non-traditional values, parents can’t assume she’ll stay conservative because she went to church. The best parenting mimics the way our heavenly Father loves his children, so our default parental setting should be to return to the immutable and transcendent Judeo-Christian truths that shaped America’s founding.

Key ideas to teach include:

The source of self-worth is God, not government. This is the most important concept for a daughter to understand. Knowing she is uniquely made and unconditionally loved by God will be the cornerstone of her conservativism. Uncle Sam can never substitute for a good father and graceful mother, much less for God. So much of what is conveyed to young women suggests that affirmative action, government-funded health care and housing, and taxpayer-funded “free stuff” are what give girls self-worth. Dependency on government programs fuels socialist and leftist beliefs, since government is their god.

Family comes first as the building block of civilization. …

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