In a letter sent March 16, leaders of several conservative organizations urged Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to take “a firmer line” in the confirmation process of President Biden’s executive nominees. 

Conservatives are increasingly concerned with the Senate Republican conference regularly voting to confirm President Biden’s executive nominees.  Other than a few notable exceptions, the conference is not using all the tools at its disposal to prevent President Biden from stocking the senior positions in the federal government with radical leftists.

For example:

~ 2 Republicans voted for Anthony Blinken

~ 8 Republicans voted for Rahm Emanuel

~ 43 Republicans voted for Lloyd Austin

~ 20 Republicans voted for Merrick Garland

If Senate Republicans were truly engaged in an effort to frustrate the Biden agenda, there would be far more tied votes, requiring a tie break from Vice President Kamala Harris. However, of the 528 votes cast in the first session of the 117th Congress, Vice President Harris has only had to cast a tie-breaking vote 14 times.

Senate Republicans cannot say on one hand that they are vehemently opposed to the Biden agenda while at the same time voting consistently to confirm dozens of nominees intent on expanding Biden’s vision for massive government expansion and control.

Particularly as the administration becomes more intent on using the levers of government to impose their radical views on all Americans, we urge the Senate GOP conference to take a firmer line on confirming any more of Biden’s nominees. 

Image: K Burke, Unsplash