From the abortion industry to the transgender movement, our culture is hurling manifold attacks at women, lying to them about what brings true fulfillment.

by Grace Kurkowski

Although the recent Dobbs decision overturned Roe, our society is still failing women by lying to them about what it means to be a woman. In response to the release of the Dobbs decision, many have taken to the streets to protest the court’s ruling claiming that America is failing our women due to the decision, but what aspect of today’s culture is really failing women? Society repeatedly puts women down by advocating for abortion and encouraging the transgender movement. Our culture sees the feminine ideal as acting like a man in her career, marriage, and personal life. There is no longer a distinction between the societal roles of men and women.

It’s difficult to see how our culture can ever change with these false ideals being forced upon women. However, if we sit idly by, allowing men to compete in women’s sports, the situation will only get worse. We need to change the culture. The best chance at doing this is to live virtuously supporting the truth so that women who have been lied to can see what it really means to be a woman and be attracted to it.

To all women: be a feminine woman in the true sense of the word. Act like a woman, dress like a woman, and enjoy the complementarity of men and women. Men and women were made differently, and one cannot replace the other. Live virtuously as a woman and if it is something you feel called to, have a family and teach these truths to your children. Women have the privilege of being naturally more capable of self-sacrifice and sensitivity to others’ needs as Alice von Hildebrand conveys in her book The Privilege of Being a Woman. By living this unique role, you can be a witness to those who don’t know what that ideal is.

Many women fight for their “right” to an abortion or to change their body to appear like a man’s, further blurring the line between how women and men differ naturally. Many of those women are suffering and lack the love and attention they need in their own lives. They could be in an abusive relationship with no one to turn to or have been lacking a mother throughout their life. In an effort to alleviate their suffering, they fight for these “rights,” believing they will make them happy. Most of them don’t know any better, but what truly makes a person happy is knowing the truth, accepting it, and living it.

While denying biological reality appears to be the right thing because it seems easier, fighting the truth ultimately leads to discontentment. In order to drown out their conscience, those brainwashed by our culture often have to make everyone else agree with them so they don’t feel so alone.

As a woman in this broken culture, the best way to obtain peace is to fulfill your role in society according to your particular vocation. Every woman is different and has her own unique role, but for most women, that role is being a mother. Once you live in line with your vocation virtuously, you will find inner peace. Additionally, you can become a witness for those who are suffering and they can look to you as the ideal for how a woman can be happy in this culture.

The Dobbs decision is the first step toward protecting the rights of the unborn, but we still have a long way to go in order to protect the rights of biological women. Once individuals start to live by the truth, it will become clear to each person what he or she is called to do and living that out will bring ultimate peace.


Grace Kurkowski is a sophomore at the University of Dallas majoring in History. She one day plans to work in communications. She wrote this piece during her Summer 2022 Internship with the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women.