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Donna Rice Hughes Reopens Wi-Fi Porn Filter Debate Despite “No” From University President Last Spring

Last Wednesday, October 9, students from the University of Notre Dame invited Donna Rice Hughes, an internationally known Internet safety expert and frontline speaker against Internet pornography, to present the business and legal case for porn filters on public Wi-Fi, and to address the ongoing debate at Notre Dame.

Michelle Malkin addresses libel journalism, immigration crisis at the University of Pennsylvania

Michelle Malkin spoke to students at the University of Pennsylvania on September 16 about the problem of libel journalism and the situation at our southern border.

TCU Forum Discusses Concealed Firearms on Campus

The session was part of Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s Texas Women’s Summit …

Feminism Gives Western Culture a Bad Rep

If Guantanamo Bay has been a recruiting tool for jihadists, imagine what the modern feminist movement is doing for recruitment…