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An Interview with Kara Bell: Is the Wage Gap Real?

Our Public Relations Officer, Kara Bell, chats with Cameron Arcand from YoungNotStupid.com about the truth about the gender wage gap and life for women under the Trump administration.

Why Kamala Harris’ ‘Equal Pay’ Proposal Will Hurt, Not Help, Women

Sen. Kamala Harris’ recent “equal-pay certification” proposal self-identifies as the “be-all, end-all” for what the left claims is a gender wage gap. But according to conclusive studies and economic research, the California Democrat’s idea is actually a direct path down a nasty road of privacy violations and limited opportunities in the workforce for women.

Gender Wage Gap Explained (Again)

It’s all about the choices women make.

Feminism Losing on Every Front

Put a fork in it. Radical feminism is done! …

Secrets to Beating the Gender Wage Gap

Any woman can beat the gender wage gap by following these simple steps …

Women are not Economic Victims

The Myth of Women as Economic Victims

Women want a vibrant economy that offers a chance for themselves and their families to be economically secure and to choose…