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How Publicly Funded Colleges Encourage Dangerous Sex with Porn, Condoms, And Lies

The left’s influence on campus runs deeper than transgender pronouns and hateful bashing of our president. They also normalize sexual behaviors that destroy young men and women.

Hang up on Hookup Culture

If we want to raise up and support fellow sisters and empower girls, we should encourage them to make decisions benefiting them and praising their self-worth.

Georgetown University Lecture Controversy

A CBLPI-sponsored guest campus lecture by Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers evolves into a ‘fragile feminist’ firestorm…

Sense & Sexuality: A College Girl’s Guide in a Hooked-Up World

This is a protect-yourself-because-no-one-else-will kind of sex ed booklet…

Lonely Girl on Campus

The Dangers of Social Ideology in Campus Health Care

A physician warns that the hook-up culture can have some devastating negative emotional, social, and academic side effects …