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Las Vegas, USA – November 6, 2016: An editorial stock photo of a Trump flag. Photographed during just before sunset in Las Vegas, Nevada. Source: WalletHub

by Michelle Easton

Never in our history has the American government worked so diligently to do so much structural damage to the American economy and the American worker. It has systematically set in motion national policies that:

  • Obstruct American wealth creators and domestic energy development.
  • Export American businesses, jobs, and intellectual property.
  • Import foreign workers to supplant American workers, and oil from OPEC when we have our own.

Under progressive national policies, American has become the world’s favorite welfare office, handing out its economic resources as freely and indiscriminately as candy on Halloween.

Americans rejected this global progressive giveaway on November 8th. President-elect Donald Trump’s greatagain.gov policy prescriptions read like a Christmas wish list to those who want a better future for themselves and their children:

  • Tax reforms that stop punishing work, savings and investments, and which make the tax code simpler, fairer and pro-economic growth for individuals, families and businesses.
  • Regulator reforms that erase arbitrary progressive executive order and bureaucratic regulations that rob Americans of individual freedom and suppress business activity or encourage businesses to move overseas.
  • Trade reforms that are fair to American businesses and workers, and that create an economic environment that encourages businesses to stay in the U.S.
  • Financial service reforms to pull America out of progressives’ “new normal,” with its growth rate stuck at 2 percent and 94.6 million Americans out of the labor force.
  • Energy reforms that unleash America’s natural resources and allow her to become energy independent.
  • Immigration reforms that put America’s interest first and that choose more wisely who is allowed to come into our national “home” and under what conditions they may stay.
  • Healthcare reforms that permanently end the progressives’ disastrous Affordable Care Act experiment that proved to be neither affordable nor a means to quality health care for most Americans.

If President Donald Trump follows through on these policy prescriptions, he will be a very good president for the American people and the American economy. If Hillary Clinton had been elected, there would have been no chance for any of these reforms.

This article originally appeared in WalletHub on December 15, 2016, as a series of articles responding to the question, Will Donald Trump Be a Good President?