Kellyanne Conway CPAC interview image

by Lil Tuttle

In the mold of our renown namesake Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce, Kellyanne Conway epitomizes the modern woman leader:  intelligent, articulate, witty and fearless.

In this nineteen-minute interview by Mercedes Schlapp of the Washington Times at CPAC 2017, Kellyanne discusses her childhood influences, her perspective on feminism, the work-life-balance struggle that she and most American women face, advice to conservative students facing challenge on college campus, and the personal and public persona of the president she serves as White House Counselor.

Kellyanne says she views herself “as a product of her choices, not a victim of her circumstances.” She ends with a wonderfully insightful and delightfully funny career story for working women that shouldn’t be missed (about the 16:20 minute mark).

Note: this interview is available on several YouTube channels: here and here and here.

ICYMI:  Kellyanne provides personal and professional career advice to Washington DC summer interns at CBLPI’s 2016 Washington Intern Summit: