5 Things to Do on March 8 graphic

by Lil Tuttle

Wednesday, March 8, has been designated by radical left-progressive Women’s Day organizers as “A Day Without a Woman.” They want women to show solidarity with progressive ideology, including “gender justice” for “trans and gender nonconforming people.”  We offer 5 things women can do on Wednesday to stand up and stand out AGAINST this ridiculous and self-defeating feminist political statement.

Women’s Day organizers list three things liberal women should do on Wednesday, March 8:

  • Women take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor
  • Avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses).
  • Wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman


Here are 5 things you can do to reject them and the March 8th nonsense:

1. Go to work, keep your job

Remember how well the Left’s “A Day Without Immigrants” worked out?  Many who skipped work that day to show solidarity with their illegal immigrant brothers and sisters ended up losing their jobs.  Surprise, surprise.

Successful businesses exist to provide a service, good or product at a profit, not to make political ideological statements. To do that, they need reliable employees who can be relied upon to show up for work and do their jobs well, regardless of the political activism du jour.

Show your employer that you are a valuable member of the team who can be counted on to take the business’s mission and purpose seriously. It could be that little extra factor in your favor when the next promotion or potential pay raise comes along.

2. If you want a job, submit your resume to employers on Wednesday.

Following on #1, brush up your resume and present it to all the prospective employers on your list on Wednesday.

Talk about perfect timing! This could be your lucky week. Businesses may have unexpected job openings Thursday morning, and you could be first in line.

3. Shop till you drop.

If liberal women discipline themselves to stay home (which is questionable, since self-discipline isn’t a liberal strength), the check-out lines should be a bit shorter on Wednesday.

Take this opportunity to shop in person in your favorite stores. Try on the new Spring clothing line and shoe styles, or test different cosmetic and fragrance products, in a department store near you.

Think of all the territory you can cover without liberal women in your way!

4. Wear any color BUT red.

Conservative women of Fairfax County, Virginia, are planning to wear blue (the color for vigilance, perseverance and justice on the American flag) to show opposition to #ADayWithoutAWoman on Wednesday.

If a group in your area doesn’t have an organized color, may we suggest the color black as a statement of mourning the intellectual death of modern feminism?

What level of feminist idiocy does it take to suggest that pulling women off the playing field for a day is a winning strategy in their game for women’s rights?   Or to suggest that embracing trans-women into their ranks (i.e., biological men who proclaim they’re now women) will further the cause of biological women?

5. Be visible, especially on line.

Celebrate the fact that, as a woman, you’re an invaluable part of the cultural and economic force of this nation. Make your presence and your value known in every venue.  In public, demonstrate your undeniable worth in your workplace today of all days. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner out with your friends.

But don’t stop there.  On social media, post — on every social media site available to you — a message of solidarity with women and for women.  Use #NoDayWithoutAWoman, or come up with a hashtag of your own and spread it far and wide.


More than anything, have fun on Wednesday. It’s a glorious day to be a right-minded, anti-radical feminist woman!