by Lil Tuttle

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley wasn’t in Singapore for the Trump-Kim summit, but her strong leadership was instrumental in making the historic talks a reality.

“She got all 15 members of the U.N. Security Council – including China and Russia – to deliver crippling sanctions that left North Korea with little choice other than to negotiate,” reports Todd Piro at Fox News.

Ambassador Haley maintained a campaign of “maximum pressure” on China and Russia, making it clear that the “U.S. was willing to end the nuclear threat on its own if necessary.”

“Three resolutions were passed in the United Nations unanimously by the Security Council that cut off all exports, 90% of trade, 30% of oil, disband their labor pool,” Haley said in a press conference. “When so many times they say sanctions don’t work, this is an example of where they do work.”

A Senior White House official said in a statement to Fox News,

Ambassador Haley’s diplomacy behind the scenes, in particular with the Chinese ambassador here, as well as the Russian ambassador, made it very, very clear that we were not kidding around. We were literally just one more provocation away from some kind of a military action that would bring great harm to the entire region, and that the threat we perceived from North Korea’s development was no longer theoretical by any means.

Courtesy of Fox News video clips.