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3 Lessons from Chinese Prison Survivor, Jennifer Zeng

Our Conservative Women’s Network event on Friday, October 4 was an eye-opener to those in attendance as Jennifer Zeng, an ex-Chinese prisoner and religious activist, shared her traumatizing story surviving Chinese labor camps and laying out three important lessons.

Why Kamala Harris’ ‘Equal Pay’ Proposal Will Hurt, Not Help, Women

Sen. Kamala Harris’ recent “equal-pay certification” proposal self-identifies as the “be-all, end-all” for what the left claims is a gender wage gap. But according to conclusive studies and economic research, the California Democrat’s idea is actually a direct path down a nasty road of privacy violations and limited opportunities in the workforce for women.

SCOTUS Cases to Watch in 2018

Heritage Foundation legal analysts Tiffany Bates and Elizabeth Slattery highlight several important cases before the Supreme Court this year.

Socialism’s Inhuman Face: Anna Smith Lacey

The only true believers in socialism are those who have never lived under it.

Transgenderism Will Erase Women & Their Rights

The cognitive dissonance of the transgender movement is mind-blowing, argued Biology isn’t Bigotry panelists. Women are asked to suspend reason and to self-eradicate. They must fight back.

Liberal, Conservative Women Find Common Cause

Women on left, right are joining forces to challenge the Obama administration's "gender identity" regulations.

Holding Government Accountable

Sending Congress to town to do nothing but spend money. Allowing government agencies to avoid accountability. This isn’t self-government.

Women Have a Right to Choose How to Protect Their Bodies

“I want to challenge the notion that gun free zones are ‘safe zones’,” rape survivor Amanda Collins warned her audience. “They are not safe.”

Boston Marathon terrorist attack scene

Is the US Ready for ISIS? Why the Conservative Response is the Only One That Will Protect Us

With the spread of radicalized terrorist groups, America needs a more reality-based plan of action …

The Good, Bad, and Future: Rep Jim Jordan

Insight from a steadfast philosophical conservative leader who has done what he said he would do …

Rachel Campos-Duffy Speaks at CWN

The national spokesperson for the LIBRE Initiative argued that conservatives should focus greater efforts on social media, Hollywood, and American culture …

Conservative Women’s Network

A network of over 1,000 women in the Washington DC area, CWN meets monthly at the Heritage Foundation, which co-sponsors the event with CBLPI. New photos are added monthly following the luncheon. For the full array of photos of all our events, visit our Flickr channel.