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May’s Book of the Month

Our March Book of the Month features Sally Pipes’ newest book, “False Premise, False Promise: The Disastrous Reality of Medicare for All.”

Socialism? Again?

Should Americans be concerned by the rising support for socialism. No … and yes.

Trump’s Underreported Successes

Be encouraged, despite media’s non-stop negativity!

Trump Tax Reform Plan

After the redistributive policies – and an “abysmal 1.9% growth” rate – of the Obama years, the nation needs a shot in the economic arm.

Study: Millennials’ Top Voting Issue was Economy

Responding to voters, Trump administration plans to repeal, cut and gut three big progressive federal policies to jump-start the U.S. economy.

Happy 2016

2016 marks the end of Obama’s Reign of Error …

Women are not Economic Victims

The Myth of Women as Economic Victims

Women want a vibrant economy that offers a chance for themselves and their families to be economically secure and to choose…

Pity the Millennials!

Already hurting from the 2008 economic crash, Millennials will now bear the economic consequences of dysfunctional immigration policies, too…

Illusory ‘Middle Class Economics’

Is the Middle Class doing as well as Washington claims…

Growing Business-Builders Necessary to Growing Economy

When small- and medium-sized businesses die, so does free enterprise. And when free enterprise dies, America dies with it …

Why Women Should Demand Less Government in Their Lives

Many government policies today, argues Veronique deRugy, actually have negative impact on many women. It is time for women to push back against government interference in their lives…

Rethinking the ‘Women’s Issues”

Polling Company CEO Kellyanne Conway looks at what constitutes “women’s issues” following the presidential election…