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Michelle Malkin addresses libel journalism, immigration crisis at the University of Pennsylvania

Michelle Malkin spoke to students at the University of Pennsylvania on September 16 about the problem of libel journalism and the situation at our southern border.

Just one day after its release, Michelle Malkin discusses new book, “Open Borders Inc.,” on Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, September 11, Michelle Malkin joined the Center for Conservative Women on Capitol Hill to share remarks about her new book, “Open Borders Inc.,” just one day after its release.

The Country Agrees on Immigration, so Why Won’t Congress Act?

Clearly a strong, solid majority of American voters want Congress to fix the immigration mess. Why is Congress dragging its feet?

President Considering Executive Order Redefining ‘Birthright Citizenship’

Many constitutional scholars believe the President’s executive order will force a long-overdue court review of birthright citizenship.

Legal Immigrants Fight Against Sanctuaries for Illegals

The liberal stronghold of Howard Co, MD, never expected such “stout opposition” from legal immigrants.

Irony: Obama’s Amnesty for Illegals Undermines His Obamacare Law

In rewriting immigration law, two constitutional lawyers argue the president sabotages employer-sponsored health care…

What Illegal Immigration Costs You

America is a wealthy nation, but it may collapse under the huge financial burden of legalizing millions of illegal immigrants…

From Border Crashers to Public School Enrollees

The costs paid by states to educate the surge of “unaccompanied” alien minors could top $761 million …