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Why June Medical Services vs. Russo Matters

On Monday, June 29, the Supreme Court handed down its decision for June Medical Services v. Russo, striking down a Louisiana law that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of where the abortion takes place.

Supreme Court Expands Title XII to Include Sexual Orientation

The Supreme Court handed down its decision for Bostock v Clayton County GA, ruling that under Title XII, an employer cannot fire an individual on the basis of sexual orientation. This decision is dividing among conservatives, between those who believe this to prevent workplace discrimination, and those who believe this is an overreach of the court and could lead to exploiting employers.

Judge Gorsuch for the High Court

He is a “judge’s judge,” someone who follows the law as written rather than seeking legal outcomes he personally likes.

Power plant in LaGrange

Supreme Court Halts EPA Power Grab

The Court's unexpected action could save you a lot of money …

Supreme Court to Decide on President’s Unilateral Immigration Regs

The Court will also review whether Obama violated the Take Care Clause …

ObamaCare Before Supreme Court Again

This time the federal tax subsidies are at stake …