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Mollie Hemingway Speaks on Election Integrity

With Americans losing confidence in our elections, it’s time to implement serious change. Hemingway highlights how we can keep our elections free and fair.

August Book of the Month

Our August Book of the Month features Tara Ross’ book, “Why We Need the Electoral College.”

10 Ways to Stay Patriotic After the 4th of July

While the 4th is the perfect day to show off your patriotism and how proud you are to be an American, there are still 364 days of the year that we can celebrate. So, here’s 10 ways to spice up those 364 other days and stay patriotic.

How Many Illegals Vote in US Elections?

New studies estimate as many as 5.7 million unauthorized voters may have cast ballots – more than enough to change U.S. election results.

Child sits quietly as parent votes - Courtesy USAToday

Ensuring Election Integrity

State election databases hacked. Inaccurate state voter registration records. Non-citizens registered and voting. Federal and state governments must do better.