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Host a Luce Speaker

Want to see real diversity on your campus? Bring a CBL speaker to your school and add a much-needed conservative perspective to the conversation.

Start a Chapter on Your Campus

Give conservative women on your campus a platform and a voice!

Fight the Left

Be visible. Be persistent. Let the liberals know they don’t own the campus, no matter how loud and obnoxious they get!

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Boycott Planet Fitness

“Planet Fitness is just another organization choosing to protect the feelings and identity of a man over women… Women should be allowed to express their feelings, and we should be allowed to have our own private spaces free from males.” – Paula Scanlan, Luce speaker and women’s sports advocate.

Abortion: The Greatest Human Rights Violation of Our Time

Abby Johnson speaks to students at the University of Tampa about her experience as a Planned Parenthood clinic director and the horrors of the abortion industry.

10 Ways to Empower Young Women to Live Better, Happier, Freer Lives

Today’s young women are coming of age during a confusing, tumultuous time. We came up with this list of 10 Ways to Empower Young Women to Live Better, Happier, Freer Lives.

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