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Michelle Malkin addresses libel journalism, immigration crisis at the University of Pennsylvania

Michelle Malkin spoke to students at the University of Pennsylvania on September 16 about the problem of libel journalism and the situation at our southern border.

Just one day after its release, Michelle Malkin discusses new book, “Open Borders Inc.,” on Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, September 11, Michelle Malkin joined the Center for Conservative Women on Capitol Hill to share remarks about her new book, “Open Borders Inc.,” just one day after its release.

‘Immigrant Ban’ Meltdown

Melting down over a three-month pause on visas for only 7 nations in the world is utter insanity. Here's what Trump's Executive Order is … and is not.

Supreme Court to Decide on President’s Unilateral Immigration Regs

The Court will also review whether Obama violated the Take Care Clause …

When Abuse of Women is Ingrained in a Culture

In clash of irreconcilable cultures, which culture will Western women choose …

Happy 2016

2016 marks the end of Obama’s Reign of Error …